As any sufferer knows, migraines and headaches can be incredibly disruptive and can have serious effects on your day-to-day life but, with the proper diagnosis and treatment, their severity and frequency can be managed. There are many different classifications of headaches and migraine but it’s believed that the majority of conditions originate from the neck….

Back Pain

Sciatica, back and neck pain are common problems affecting many of us at some point in our lives. Ordinarily these problems will improve and resolve either naturally or with manual therapy and exercise. Sadly, a small percentage of sufferers continue to experience severe pain which significantly affects their lives. This group of patients will often…

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From Sunday morning fun runner to record-setting triathlete, no matter what level of sport you compete at, chances are you’ll pick up an injury at some point. When that happens, osteopathy can help you get back to your best as soon as possible – but, used proactively, it can also help prevent injury in the…


Prevention is better than cure, or so the saying goes, and that couldn’t be more true than when it comes to posture. From head to toe, poor posture can play a major role in the onset of a number of musculo-skeletal conditions and correcting it before serious problems emerge can have substantial health and fitness…

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