Sciatica, as any sufferer knows, can be a real pain in the backside. The term refers to soreness, weakness, and sometimes tingling or numbness along the course of the sciatic nerve, which runs down the back of the thigh and most of the lower leg, ankle and foot. Chronic in nature, the condition often seems to worsen with each episode and can manifest itself in everything from lower back pain that’s more pronounced when coughing or sneezing to a shooting sensation that makes it difficult to stand up.

Also called a trapped nerve, Sciatica is usually caused by a compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve as it passes through the spine and into the buttock. In young and early middle-aged adults, most sciatica results from inflammation or pressure from a bulging disc. In older people, changes in the spine due to conditions such as osteoarthritis may be responsible. No matter what you age, you’re in safe hands at iOsteopath – with a combination of osteopathic treatment and rehabilitation exercises, we can help relieve the pain of sciatica and let you get on with your life.


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