Orthopaedic specialty hospital Barunsesang in Korea released a survey result that smartphone use is the main culprit for the prevalent cervical intervertebral disk diseases among the 20’s and 30’s age groups. The number of the cases soared from 2940 in 2011 to 8958 last year but the growth rate in the particular age groups almost doubled from 17.6% to 30.3% over the past three years. On the other hand,  cases among the 50s and 60s age groups dropped from 54.2% to 38.7% over the same period. 

Patients in their 20’s with cervical intervertebral disc diseases grew by 7.9 times from 109 to 856, followed by those in their 30’s which rose by 4.6 times from 407 to 1850. Doctors recommended younger patients to straighten poor sitting postures heavily influenced by long hours of PC and smartphone uses. 

To prevent neck pain, computer and smartphone users are also advised to incorporate back muscle exercises into their workout routines in the longer term.

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