Cranial osteopathy is a type of osteopathy that is a safe and very gentle form of treatment. Osteopaths who choose to specialise in this field through postgraduate training learn to feel a very subtle, rhythmical shape change that is present in all tissues and can be disrupted by tension in the body. Cranial osteopaths utilise gentle manipulative techniques which promote relaxation.

Because cranial osteopaths treat in a gentle and holistic way, focussing on the whole person and not just the presented condition, it is a discipline which can be used for individuals of varying ages. It can be used solely or alongside structural osteopathic techniques. When treating adults, a mixture of traditional and cranial osteopathy is used.

As with conventional structural osteopathy, each treatment is specially tailored to ensure we get to the root of the problem. Working with you, we’ll look at your past medical conditions, past injuries and the history of the current problem.


  • 30 Minutes

Do you have Medical Insurance?

Medical Insurance Bookings should be made by calling 01475 888 132. iOsteopath (Inverclyde Osteopathic Clinic) are registered with all the main health insurance companies; BUPA, AXA, PPP, Standard Life, Norwich Union and Cigna. In most cases we can settle your account directly with you insurers however, it is your responsibility to check that your treatment is covered under your policy. It is advisable to speak to your insurance company before your first consultation to ensure that you follow the correct claim procedure. Once your insurance company approves your treatment, we can claim the cost of your treatment directly from them. Please provide us with all the relevant insurance claim details when you come for your first consultation.